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    Midnight Poison by Christian Dior

    In the same vein of the more articolated and regal Shalimar (which is smokier, more leather-animalic, almost gummy, more spicy-floral and woodsy) this rich and luxurious potion is basically an ambery fragrance strong on patchouli in my opinion . The note of amber is central and starring likewhise the rose that is elegant and absolutely featuring and performing in a sort of modern interpretation far from its usual indolent and retro temperament. The smell in general is resinous and sinister. A touch of angular fruitness, a type of fruity-floral decadent whiff, is perceivable at first spray when the hesperides, notable the presence of bergamot, are still like blades and the rose is botanic, earthy and not yet drowned and softened in a sink of amber. The smell few time later is a sort of creamy orange with the head of rose and with the backbone of an abundant patchouli that loses its earthiness (or better its herbal rough sharpness) but manteins its dark, shadowy, woody and bold typical flavour. The last element restrains a bit the creamy sweetness imprinting a more shadowy, tamed and neutral rooty mildness. The note of sandalwood makes its part in the blend in my opinion (in light amount) and supports the note of vanilla in order to push up a sort of mild kind of woody whiteness. The note of vanilla colours the amber advancing and receding, in barely perceivable whiffs, as a tide. The milky dry down is averagely smooth (or better averagely dry) rather than particulary powdery. May be some civet of leather is buried somewhere in the blend as well as a touch of incense. The scent is lush and sophisticated on rose and patchouli in their creaminess and barely detectable final muskiness. Finally each herbal, botanic or earthy temperament is definitely tamed. Midnight Poison smells far better and classy than the almondy-sugary Hypnotic Poison, in my opinion unclassy and lacking in mystery on the contrary of this one. As well as the evolution is completed, i feel on my skin a slightly notable aromatic-cool spark that cuts the resinous warmth without breaking the substance and enhances the glamour and the modernity of the juice. The longevity is remarcable on my skin.

    17th October, 2011 (Last Edited: 14th December, 2011)

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