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    Worth pour Homme by Worth

    Worth pour Homme is the well-behaved and mannered kid brother of Paco Rabanne pour Homme. Both fragrances are aromatic fougeres. Worth has the classic lavender, coumarin (tonka), oakmoss fougere structure. Like its older brother, Worth pH has a soapy texture which subsides but never really disappears. Lavender and citrus are dominant in the opening, although rosemary plays a key role in Worth's development. The mid notes are green and floral. There is a distinct 1980's vibe to Worth, which I love, but others may not. I 've had people tell me it smells like an old man. I don't share that view. The dry down is leather, tonka and oakmoss. I get a sweet, dry, light musky sensation during the dry down. Worth holds its cards to its chest. It is not a sillage monster or an in your face projector. If you enjoy Paco Rabanne and similar fragrances you will lkely enjoy Worth. I prefer Worth to Paco Rabanne. Worth just feels more versatile, and well, younger.

    17th December, 2011

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