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    273 Rodeo Drive for Men by Fred Hayman

    Way more than you would expect for $13.

    I understand why people compare 273 to Antaeus - there's something in 273's cedar/oakmoss/smoke accord that has the same weird mintiness as Antaeus' beeswax. This is much drier and less complex than Antaeus, but it's shockingly good for the price.

    Dry, almost burnt herbs sweetened with a very cinammony cedar drive this smoky fragrance. As Bigsly points out it's not too far from Jacomo de Jacomo, though I find 273 more pleasant. There's a kind of candied, floral softness to the smoke in 273, and at least a little incense. Again, as Bigsly said this is a very niche-y scent, not what you would expect for something so inexpensive. Because it is so unusual I find it pleasantly unisex - it's certainly not girly and flowery, but it's definitely not conventionally masculine.

    273 has some layers to it - it flickers back and forth between something very bitter and smoky and something very sweet and smoky. Really a nice surprise. Kind of a wearable spin on what Mugler was going for with B*Men.

    10th October, 2011 (Last Edited: 17th December, 2011)

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