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    Soir de Lune by Sisley

    This is in my opinion a less floral and darker version of the renowned Eau du Soir Sisley, i mean a more shadowy one due to a developed presence of sandalwood, spices, moss and patchouli. This one is a classic green-floral-honeyed chypre, more stressed on the side of oakmoss than on the one of woods, a scent with an obscure, almost salty (and anyway deeply opaque), floral-laundry wake over shadowed by muguet, patchouli and jasmine. Here the flowers are darker. A more present rose is starring and sinister and, in its chord with mimosa, bergamot, iris, musk-moss and honey, develops a deeply soapy, fruity (peaches) and laundry effect that is overly shadowed by jasmine, pepper, patchouli and muguet and pushed up in attractiveness by the insertion of animal civet on the flank of honey, luxurious peach and amber. The duo iris-jasmine imprints sophistication to the general laundry atmosphere but is not enough to balance the modern charm with a may be too stressed traditional, british style, soapy-detergent laundry feel which stereotype this fragrance is a lot anchored to. The final issue is a classy, for sure, but may be too neutral, old school, soapy concoction, heavy in moss, rose, honey and mimosa while Eau du Soir is a bit more bright, luxurious and sophisticated.

    12th December, 2011 (Last Edited: 17th December, 2011)

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