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    Tabac Blond by Caron

    Ohh but I love Ernest Daltroff perfumes, here was a man who knew how a woman should smell , not of fruit and synthetic flowers but of , dare I even say it ,no, I dare not so I will substitute the word I should use for this : a scent of stolen moments, stolen kisses and stolen hearts.
    Tabac Blonde stole my heart years ago but it's not a scent to wear in the height of summer ,it's too dark, too leathery , just too much for everyday use.
    Excellent sillage on my skin which despises most aldehydes to the point where they do not linger for more than a few moments.
    I don't expect young women to like this but the animalaic quality certainly turns the heads of young men caught in the waft of it's trail.
    Daltroff had a signature, so evident in Tabac, En Avion , Can Can and Nuit de Noel that I can wear any of these wonderful concoctions and feel quite illicit and singular - everyone else is welcome to smell the same if they want to, I need Daltroff to feed my inner Goddess.

    19th December, 2011

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