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    A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

    First things first: this is a very dangerous scent! It is very sweet and somewhat offending if used in excess! If u do like this use only 1 or 2 sprays any more and u will offend!

    Alright now my view:
    I LOVE THIS! This is a great sweet scent with a very good concept! This starts off with a minty chocolatey vibe with some tar! The tar seems to offend many people, but to me it's a very pleasant smell that adds a great masculine feel! After about an hour the tar goes away and the patchouli and chocolate really shines!
    After about 2 hours the scent becomes amazing and linear, it becomes a nice sweet chocolate caramel patchouli and vanilla smell! The drydown is blended soooo well if u smell the drydown as a whole rather than note for note for I get a chocolate covered gingerbread cookie drizzled in caramel drinking a vanilla late on a table decorated with vases of patchouli! a great scent and not a run of the mill sweet smell! Very unique edible smell! All in all a very refreshing concept meaning a new and unique concept! A great warming edible scent!!

    21st December, 2011

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