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    Michael for Men by Michael Kors

    The 1st time I tried Michael for Men, I thought, "disgusssting! Who would wear this nasty stuff? Smells like ****!" Half an hour later, it smelled even worse (if that were possible). Thoroughly displeased, I washed several times to remove all traces of the offending odor. Some weeks later I sampled it again, just to show someone how vile it was. To my surprise, they liked it- a lot. I gingerly sniffed my wrist again, and, what's that? That smells great! Note, it HAD dried down over an hour before I smelled it this time. What a difference! Fairly strong sillage, and I can easily detect it the next day. I've grown to really appreciate this scent. I just need to make sure I apply it well before I leave home to let it air out a bit. Anyone else have a similar experience with this one?

    PS I detect similarities between this and Cartier's Pasha; several notes in common from top through mid to base, with more of a dried fruit,tobacco and boozey notes added. The nod goes to Michael over Pasha, though. See my review of Pasha.

    21st December, 2011

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