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    Derring-Do for Men by Ineke

    Derring-Do for Men by Ineke - One is initially treated to a flurry of invigorating, citrus smells. This sparkling accord has sweet and sour aspects with the zingy grapefruit at the helm. Nascent, watery notes gather strength and come to the fore in a graceful wave of petrichor, that special smell of earth, caressed by raindrops after a dry spell, releasing its pent-up energy. Some metallic smell, perhaps, the exposure of minerals from the force of the rainfall, flutters about. Staid cyclamen joins to highlight its lightly floral greenness evoking thoughts of leaves bathing in a sun shower. These accords are quite refreshing, and trickle to the awaiting middle. Here, elegant magnolia infuses the chaste, rain notes with its creamy, lemony, floral goodness with ghosts of verdure. Also, a pepper note with its lively spiciness, as well as a cardamom note with its prickly smokiness add to the delight of the heart. Transitioning to its pleasing base, sweet and airy guaiacwood along with buttery and rich, virginia cedarwood impart their delightful woodiness. And, a faintly powdery musk with its clean and fresh elements joins the satisfying woods to meander to the refreshful drydown. This bracing composition revels in the spring and summer, and has good projection and longevity.

    23rd December, 2011

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