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    Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

    Warm tobacco cold weather scent. Masculine and potent. Person that wears it feels like a mob boss in a big office, polished wood shelves full of old books, pristine polished furniture, a big fireplace. He sits there in a chair, other bosses standing and waiting for his decisions nervously...all in all great classic!

    This one is harder and harder to find as it'd seem it is discontinued like Gucci Envy for men. Gucci house is canceling their "old" line in favour to new pathetic excuse of a line - gucci by gucci, gucci by gucci sport, guilty (for making synth trash of frags) and intensely guilty, pardon, guilty intense...whatever. In other words, it would seem that we have nothing to expect from this house anymore. Gucci pour homme 2 was the last cry of this house tradition and face. I'm afraid we have nothing more to expect from them. Canceling Envy for men and Gucci PH 1 was in fact canceling themselves per se, albeit I'd have shut my mouth maybe, just maybe, if they had launched something actually worthy of attention, something that matches quality of the former mentioned rather than the latter.

    18th January, 2010 (Last Edited: 24th December, 2011)

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