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    Sycomore (new) by Chanel

    Sycomore by Chanel - Upon application, one is treated to a stimulating wave of hesperidic notes, with their inherent tangerine, orange, bergamot and lemon flavors; aldehydes heigthen their sparkliness. Riding the crest of this citrus swell, haitian vetiver imparts its green and smoky facets. A faint anise bobs about. Carried to the waiting middle, fruity and shyly spicy pink pepper showers the airy and bitter vetiver, and is married with the fresh and clean woodiness of cypress, while a hint of sensual jasmine and haunting frankincense waft about. Transitioning to the welcoming base, creamy sandlewood, dry cedar and pine needle-like juniper encase the rooty vetiver, as delicate ylang-ylang lightly mists the lush and woodsy melange adding a trace of powder, and orris masterfully impregnates the concoction with its wet, earthy and slight violet-like facets. With a feebly sour and warm musk flickering, and a sweet and balsamic styrax adding a kiss of vanilla, an exquisite drydown ensues. This elegant composition befits a gentleman. A tasteful and refined, all-season fragrance, it has average projection and good longevity.

    27th December, 2011

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