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    Hugh Parsons (Blue) by Hugh Parsons

    Hugh Parsons Blue starts with a citrus accord of lemon and mandarin that does nothing to move me. Michael Edwards classifies Blue as a fresh woody oriental, which I would have never guessed from the opening notes. It seems like one of those aquatics that I have little interest in. As Blue develops, I get a hint of Green Irish Tweed, but only a hint. Both fragrances have the dreaded ambergris note in the base, which causes all kinds of problems for my nose, in a sensitive or allergic kind of way. As Blue continues to develop, I detect a blackberry note and a juniper note. I enjoy the fruity addition to Blue's development. Things are looking better. I'm beginning to enjoy Blue. As Blue evolves and the woody notes emerge, there is enough complexity and development to hold my attention. While Blue is not the type of fragrance I frequently reach for, it is not bad and is well-suited for office wear. As I spritz on Blue, I chuckle and think about where my heart really lies: Gucci Nobile, Azzaro, A*Men, Chergui, Pure Havane, Kouros, Rive Gauche, Fou D'Absinthe, Havana...There is nothing Blue about that lot.

    29th December, 2011

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