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    Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

    Azzaro pour Homme is an aromatic fougere that opens strong with a prominent and long-lasting anise note accompanied by various herbs, including caraway. There is a slight blast of citrus, but this is primarily an herbal opening. I liken Azzaro's opening to a poke in the eye by your annoying but basically affable big brother. Like your older sibling, Azzaro can be off-putting at first, and this is where those who dislike this fragrance are lost. But stick with it and Azzaro will take you on a pleasant fougere foray. Lavender plays a prominent role in the progression of Azzaro. This is where we see the path on which Azzaro is headed...straight to the fougere palace in search of its crown. On the way, it meets some contenders such as Rive Gauche pour Homme, which is a similar barbershop-type fougere, but is drier (talcum powder accord) than Azzaro. Azzaro settles into a vetiver, patchouli, leather and woody base that lasts for hours. I also detect some oak moss in the dry down as one expects in the standard fougere formula. There is also a sweetness to Azzaro that is just the right counterpoint to the other base notes.

    Azzaro is a classic fragrance that since the late 1970's has staked its claim to the royal crown of the fougeres. Is it worthy? Maybe. If you want to "understand" Azzaro, wear a gourmand or an aquatic for a few days, then reset your nose with ApH. If you want to understand your older brother, forget about it. He'll poke you in the eye anyway. Azzaro on the other hand, goes straight for your heart and more often than not, lands there softly and securely.

    31st December, 2011

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