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    Vetiver by Guerlain

    I usually don't review classics like Guerlain Vetiver or Mitsouko or No. 5. I like smelling these things. They're educational and fascinating because of their history and legacy and who wore them and for those reasons I have a respect for them with makes me reluctant to be completely objective in my criticisms. Plus I don't think there's anything new I could add to what's already been said by so many wellintentioned reviewers. With classics for some reason all the reviews both good and bad seem appropriate. But I wanted to tell a personal little story relating to Guerlain Vetiver which is that when I was little and on vacation with my family we stopped at some Civil War site and my dad bought me some fake Civil War currency which I thought was really cool. It was all sepia colored and wrinkly and best of all it had the most intiguing sweet smell. I asked my dad why it smelled like that and he said, "Tobacco juice." They made it smell like tobacco juice. So if you ever find yourself wanting or needing to make your own fake Civil War currency I am here to suggest to you that you could do worse than to spray your notes with Guerlain Vetiver because the smell of Guerlain Vetiver is what made me think of that fake money after all these years. That's my story..... I know. ZZZZZ.

    02nd January, 2012

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