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    Happy by Clinique

    First reaction was.... ok, quite bright. As grapefruit juice is my go to beverage, I gave it a little space where I accepted that tanginess along with the bergamot. Next, it hit me, this is really way too sweet. It seemed to be practically burning my nose. And minutes after that, the plastic/burnt rubber hit me with a vengeance and it was literally all I could smell of Happy. Nothing in my memory banks could make that odor a "happy" smell. I don't know how or why that awful plasticyness is there, but suddenly I couldn't wash or scrub it off fast enough. I was using a sample from a Sephora Sample box, and it was my last fragrance to sample, and the only one that struck me as so stridently sweet and awful that I had to get it off my skin. That said, I think that used very, very lightly, it might be ok, and maybe I just needed to give it time. But it will be awhile before I let us be re-introduced. I need to forget how bad things went the first time around. ;-)

    02nd January, 2012

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