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    Oud Wood by Tom Ford

    When people think "Tom Ford Private Blend", they often picture the price tag first and desperately try and find substitutes, to be honest most us do including me, in order to nullify the desire to purchase one of his PB scents.

    On the other hand, let us appreciate independently and carefully what we smell.

    Oud Wood is no gimmick. It is a careful fusion of oud with what people in the west can tolerate in terms of smell level and intensity.

    It is a mildly sweet scent with a heavier woody undertone. Somewhat unisex but perhaps better for men who desire something a little different from mainstream.

    It has a friendly projection and on me lasts at least a full day at good capacity. I only need two sprays to accomplish this.

    I can see why people smell M7, but that is a combination of having Tom Ford inspiring both but also because we want Oud Wood to have a cheaper uncle.

    Personally, I truly appreciate the power of Oud Wood. It is unique in my collection and I can count on it a 100%. This is by far one of the safer niche buys in the PB range.

    07th January, 2012

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