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    Madness by Chopard

    Sharp, Woody and Resinous, on the first spritz I wan't sure what to think. I have never smelled a combination quite like this. Dark fruits and a touch of florals lead, raspberry and pomegranite, I think--they seem overwhealming at first--but be patient, before you sniff the first time, wait for the drydown. Definate woods and resinous base for a long-lasting anchor.

    Here is a superb balance between excellent staying power and something different to gain attention. I wear this scent several times a week, most often during the warmer months, and field an average of 1-2 queries a month from women who would like to know what it is and who makes it. I usually write the info down for them if they seem sincere and not just offering polite complements to make conversation. Love the staying power, love the scent. Reminds a little bit of the pomegranite in Bijan night, and the woody-resinous appeal of several classics--after drydown isn't lead by fruits or florals. Another teriffic work that isn't saddled to the celebrity of the month, but will outlast. Compliments to Chopard!

    09th January, 2012

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