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    Géranium pour Monsieur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

    Geranium pour Monsieur by Frederic Malle - One is initially treated to a bracing wave of camphorated mint and menthol, quite akin to a Tiger Balm odor, coupled with the lemony green smell of geranium leaf. Synthetic additives, such as anethol, with its anise character, floralozone, with its freshness, and rhodinol, with its citrusy floral dimension, all sophisticate the blend. This fresh opening spends a considerable amount of time wafting. A muted dusting of the concoction by warm cinnamon and earthy clove is feebly and fleetingly sensed, which strangely signals the beginning and end of the middle, if one exists. Thence, the incongruous base takes charge. White musk, with its soapiness, and sandalwood, with its soft and balsamic aspects, as well as sweet and faintly vanillic styrax and a touch of exotic incense forge an alluring base, while ambroxan imparts its velvety, skin-like, ambergris illusion. An inviting drydown ensures. One may choose to say this composition is unique, I prefer to say it is discordant. The projection and longevity for this/these scent(s) are average.

    10th January, 2012

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