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    Fourreau Noir by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    First let me say: I LOVE Gris Clair. However Gris Clair doesn't feel at all like a Lutens to me. THIS (Fourreau Noir) is what I would imagine for a Lutens take on Lavender. Still, I feel that they are not redundant, as the mood is quite different even where the note pyramids align closely.

    Where Gris Clair has that bracing ICY COLD to DRY HOT thing (and I love it in the summer), Fourreu Noir is all warm and cozy and perfect for the snuggle seasons. Not too sweet and syrupy as many Lutens Scents can be (though I'm not opposed to this quality), the bright interplay of lavender with his signature sensual honeyed, musky smoke accord is welcomed in my wardrobe. I'm not getting the citrus (or maybe I am, and confusing it with the sparkle of the Lutens lavender style).

    Like another reviewer, the name (which had to be translated to me by the beautiful attendant in the equally beautiful Palais flagship shop) caught me off guard. I find the gorgeous lavender quite masculine, but the rich heart and base take a warming, gourmand tone and leave this comfortably unisex.

    Delicious. Alongside Gris Clair, Keeping me happy in Lutens-style Lavender year-around.

    10th January, 2012

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