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    1828 by Histoires de Parfums

    Reading some previous reviews i crosscheck in those comments several common elements i noticed at the end of the olfactory trip of this scent. Is like all the initial cool, aromatic, almost balsamic potential temperament of the fragrance fades in to a more "disappointing" ambery and musky-benzoin outcome that exudes a sort of almost oily and artificial green banana-tobacco effect that i can detect while inhaling fragrances as Askew Humiecki & Graef and Gucci Envy (as well as my friend Alfarom underlines). I smell a sort of fluidy suede of musky benzoin and amber that is deprived of its original woodsy soul of birch, pine, mint, prickly spices and eucalyptus. The first stage is infact an invigorating blast of green-aromatic elements, pungent spices, grapefruit and citrus (mostly orange). In this phase the smell is natural, indented and multifaceted with a sort of aromatic and incensey vibe that is a pleasure to be inhaled. As well as the fragrance morphs in to a smoother ambery base the aromatic power fades, the spices turn out with tobacco nuances, the smell is musky, fat and oily with a green, spicy ad orangy undertone. I catch hints of not listed ginger in the air. The note of vetiver is not rooty or botanic, the atlas cedar is characterless while the woods and the incense are faint. The outcome is anyway good and appealing but not for the initially misleaded lovers of the aromatic exhalations from the forest.

    13th January, 2012

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