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    Bois des Îles by Chanel

    For le mouchoir de monsieur...

    Current Exclusif EDT review:

    Chanel has a history that holds fascination and controversy. Was Coco as she is portrayed to be? I don't have that answer. But through luck, stealth or slyness, she did one thing very, very well. She enlisted Ernest Beaux to create her historical stable of fragrances. And now, we see this continue, in a line that holds true to it's history, and veers only so slightly to modern taste. You will smell the historical references of #5, and really, mostly Cuir de Russie. But this one stands alone, and on it's own.

    Bois des Iles, the feminine woody fragrance of past, and surely of current, times. Bearing the Chanel hallmark trilogy of florals - rose, jasmine and ylang ylang - and adding an iris that only Chanel seems able to bring consistently to the front. And the sandalwood. Origin unknown, but has it really lost any of it's magic and smoothness? Sandalwood made lush by the florals, iris added for an additional creamy texture. I dare you to pick out a note. There is always just the fragrance, lifted up, smoothed out, soaring even in this EDT formula - soaring above all other sandalwood fragrances as it whispers to you (and yes, this is soft and close).

    History, art, blending, masculine notes made feminine, and then masculine, until you can't tell anymore. You only know what you smell. It can make you dizzy in it's perfection. Or maybe it is just me. This is as close to perfection as I have found. Melding into your skin, becoming how you smell, how you want to smell, how you smell without thought. Only emotion.

    I was at a horse show over Christmas, with more than 30 horses in the arena, prancing, heads thrown all over the place. It was warm, and I rolled my sleeves up. Up drifted this iris and sandalwood combination - and I know, from experience, that there was more to this scent, but that is what hit me that day. The music marking time and a beat, 30 horses stepping in unison to a beat, and a fragrance that stepped in unison, blended to heights I had not smelled before. It almost brought me to tears. Trilogy of senses, in beat and in tune. I was waiting for my heart to start beating to the same, but really, I already know that it was. I almost did not recognize this Bois des Iles, as I wear the parfum for the most part now, but I knew immediately that it was my faithful companion, showing me one more facet, and standing on it's own because of it's firm history and backbone.

    Perfect, even in EDT, even after all these years, and I'm sure, many changes.

    BTW, the current parfum is also holding up just fine. Richer, more floral, less iris, close wearing, but it will knock you out in awe.

    13th January, 2012

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