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    Un Jardin Sur Le Toit by Hermès

    This is an odd-ball scent. Props to it for being something kind of off the charts. I can't decide what I think about it. It will never be bottle-worthy for me, yet I don't hate it. There are moments when I sort of like it and moments when I sort of don't like it.
    Cutting to the chase -- my problem is the vague suspicion or impression of a green cantaloupe note. This likely arises as the syncretism between the grass and basil notes with the fruit notes. Don't know how others feel about green cantaloupe; for me it is not a go-to note.
    I appreciate the green, grassy notes. They are herbal and very bright.
    The fruit is OK, just OK. On the plus side, it is not teeny-bopper or cutesy-poo. It is as bright and cheery as the herbal notes. On the down side, it is not really an identifiable fruit, certainly not "pear" or "apple". Rather, it is a generic crisp fruity sort of scent, obviously lab-concocted but not obnoxiously synthetic.
    Translucent, as I'd expect from Ellena.
    Sometimes I think the herbal notes work well with this Franken-fruit note; other times I'm not so sure.
    Certainly this is a spring-summery scent, both in style (light) and in mood (cheery).
    Perhaps, if I really use my imagination, I get the merest hint of a very shy young rose, just barely budding.
    Some have suggested that this scent is a somewhat jumbled or unreconciled melange of various notes, and I agree. Whether this crazy salad is to your taste is for you to decide.

    18th January, 2012

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