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    Lacoste pour Homme by Lacoste

    Lacoste Pour Homme is a very well constructed and balanced citric aquatic that though not innovative or uniquely original in conception, is outstandingly executed and one of the best aquatics on the market.
    The beautiful opening of citrus and apple integrates very well with the juniper and cinnamon that never offends and manages to hold a very reserved and balanced personality without ever overwhelming. One of the best uses of apple I have come across in a fragrance, it seems to give the grapefruit a bass from which to balance it against the spicier middle notes.
    Incredibly pleasing, becomes somewhat linear once the vanilla ripens over the middle and top notes, but the vanilla only seems to add a creamy note without losing its balance or becoming overly assertive. The sandalwood and cedarwood make for a light foundation that allows the vanilla and musk to come through unmolested. This give Lacoste Pour Homme a lighter feel but because the scent is so well balanced it doesn´t detract from the overall scent in the slightest.
    Incredibly versatile, pleasing and refined.
    Longevity is not bad, 5-6 hours is the standard, though on some skin chemistries this one never goes beyond a skin scent after the initial thirty minutes of application so a blind buy may not work for everyone.
    The epitome of well executed, well blended and organically based.

    19th January, 2012

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