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    Tea for Two by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    Tea for Two just smells good, and for once a purely good-smelling fragrance deserves to be recognized as a true masterpiece. (While I'm a fan of L'Artisan in general, only Tea For Two, Dzing! and Timbuktu deserve the gold star in my book).

    Tea for Two opens with an intensely smoky, bitter black tea note, which is said to be the odor of Lapsang Souchong tea but others read as pipe tobacco. This is actually my favorite part of the fragrance, though some commentators here seem to find it offputting. Not to fear, though -- it quickly softens into a long-lasting spice/smoke/honey accord. There is far less ginger in this fragrance than in Lutens' Five O' Clock au Gingembre and also less vanilla and amber, so the overall effect is dry and warm rather than soft and plush.

    As orientals go this one has decent longevity and sillage but won't knock people over if you spray three or four times. I like to wear it in the winter, when its comforting smells and the memories it conjures act like protection against the snow and damp.

    20th January, 2012

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