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    Vetiver by Guerlain

    *Note: The review is for Original Vintage Guerlain Vetiver Eau De Cologne

    I have several contributions to make here to the "Guerlain Vetiver review page" - an homage of sorts. To preface, I must first say that I am a huge fan of vetiver and my collection of vetivers is broad and deep (I have far more bottles than what is in my wardrobe). Second, I believe Guerlain's Vetiver to be the basis point from which all vetiver fragrances should be considered. It is a classic, a true masterpiece in fragrance. I will begin in chronological order. I just purchased a large, Original Vintage 6oz Flacon of Guerlain's Vetiver Eau De Cologne (that came in the black & white zig-zag/zebra box). Stunning. Amazing and mesmerizing juice. This is over 40+ years old and was kept perfectly - I bought it from an online dealer with a great reputation. The EDC is the essence of vetiver - clean, crisp, invigorating and deep without the tobacco from the EDT. It is Vetiver in its truest form...only a bit of citrus seems to be there, but most of that is gone. There is absolutely nothing synthetic at all - this is apothecary and perfumery in harmony. As old as it is, in no way does it feel musty or dated. This is actually fresher smelling than bottles over 30 years younger than it! It is almost like wearing the oil of fresh vetiver root that has been diluted enough to not be harsh in any way. It does go on sharp (a bit pungent, but rich and awe-inspiring), but it dries down to its fantastic and true form quickly (10-15 minutes or so) as the composition, to me, evokes the images of squeezing the essential oil of fresh vetiver root and then blending it with fresh spring water flowing in a beautiful green is almost ethereal. There is nothing more pure than Guerlain EDC from Vintage stock that has been kept perfect and cared for. My bottle was still sealed. It does not last as long as I would like in cold weather (50 degrees today and overcast), but it is so fresh I couldn't help but wear it - and reapply it. This will be a show-stopper in the spring, summer and warmer fall days. Overall - 10/10 for a pure, linear scent! And, one that has established an entire world of fragrances from its creation. A timeless bottle to enjoy for years to come...magnificent!!!!

    21st January, 2012

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