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    Ungaro I by Ungaro

    I can now handle the powerful lavender blasts of fragrances like Ungaro I. Once the powerful opening subsides, I get a lot of sweetneess (not A*Men but more than I prefer these days). There is also clear patchouli, which lasts for hours. If you want a cheap version of this, try Enrico Sebastiano Fine Cologne, which I feel is cruder and the ingredient quality seems lower, as one might expect. As things continue, it's like a cross between ESFC and Giorgio of Beverly Hills for men (I've only tried the new versioin) U1 is richer to me in a certain way, which might be the wormwood note and/or the quality of ingredients. However, because it is a bit too sweet for me (sort of like a rum sweetness, as others have said), I don't think I need to seek it out (ESFC seems a little less sweet), unless I can find a bottle at a great price (unlikely). I can see the appeal of this one (nicely balanced too), but I think for me it would be worn every few months, at most, when I'm really in the mood for it.

    My old review, from April, 2009: Much ado about...? Musky lavender! Well, I don't enjoy these "old school" fragrances with lavender up front, and there's really nothing else here that's so special that I'd spend money on this one. The patchouli is strong (which is fine with me) and the wormwood smells nice, but the lavender is too much. After a few hours, there isn't much of anything remaining. If the lavender was replaced by another note, I might really like this, but it ruins it for me. For me, I'd give this a negative rating, but for those who like this kind of "masculine" lavender, I can understand why you would like this fragrance, though I still don't see it as a "masterpiece." The ingredients seem high quality, but the longevity seems no better than fair. Sillage is excellent, while it lasts.

    11th April, 2009 (Last Edited: 26th January, 2012)

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