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    L'Eau d'Hiver by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

    Now this one caught me totally off guard. I bought it and the first week I wore it, I thought I'd made a dreadful mistake. I found it linear and dull and even rubbery. I was ready to renounce Ellena and his minimalism. And then suddenly, something about it clicked.

    What fascinates me about L'eau d'hiver is that it manages to be both serene and remote at once. Its genius lies in its affectlessness, its sheer neutrality. The composition itself is remarkable: there's a burst of opening powder and some recognizable almonds, but after the top notes burn off it defies comparative reference points. Though frequently compared to Apres l'Ondee, there is no violet in this perfume and much less vanilla. There are some gestures in the direction of "floral" that never quite read as flowers, and lots and lots of musk that never quite reads as animalic.

    L'eau d'hiver reads "cool" rather than "warm" to me. Oddly, it suits me better in cold weather. It is also relatively long lasting, but would be mild enough to be warn in the winter.

    26th January, 2012

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