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    Royal English Leather by Creed

    I give this a thumbs up for a few reasons..

    1. It is a wonderful STUDY scent to experience the likely makeup of perfumes of the past - truly powerful and pungent, and thankfully today more refined.

    2. It is a wonderful style of leather, though more about the tannery (and its ambient smells) than perhaps the leather product. The leather is more honeyedl/urinous/chemically softened - even floral, and far closer to Chanel´s Cuir de Russie than both brighter (fruity/powdery) or darker (cistus, civet, labdanum) and, to my taste, superior alternatives like Knize Ten, Morabito's Or Black, or Xerjoff's XJ17/17 Homme.

    3. It has been discontinued. So we will no longer have to hear all the BS (regarding the historical fiction surrounding its release and its significance over centuries) from an overrated/priced house unbable to maintain any consistency to their fragrances of the modern era.

    I feel like Royal English Leather was what it is - like it or not. Polarizing, bold, sensual, projecting, suffocating, and deep. It was good, and I´m glad I own it. Just think! As it would take 10 lifetimes for me to wear it - its glowing history can last another 250 years in being passed down through my non-royal family!

    28th January, 2012

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