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    Sweet Oriental Dream by Montale

    To my nose the most prominent notes, from the opening right through the drydown, are vanilla & almond. ln the beginning these are slightly powdery, supported by a whiff of rose & a touch of smoke. The rose slowly becomes more "jammy" in the heart, & a deliciously edible tonka note emerges, becoming more dominant in the base. The sillage is excellent for the first 8 hours, but for me the most startling aspect of this fragrance is it's longevity; a full 17 hours after application l can still smell it on my skin! This is far & away a record for me; my skin usually "eats" fragrances far more quickly than this, even other Montales! But this somehow melds beautifully with my skin, & l find the whole feel of it immensely soothing, soporific even, which makes it a perfect sleep scent.
    ln comparison to the only other loukhoum scent l've tried, Keiko Mecheri's Loukhoum Parfum du Soir, l'd say this is much less powdery, more rose-prominent, & altogether more rich & satisfying. There may well be a FB of this in my future.

    29 January, 2012

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