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    Azure Lime by Tom Ford

    Azure Lime reminds me a LOT of Dior Fahrenheit (the heart of it) -- take Fahrenheit, add spicy woods and dirty lime on the top and get rid of the violet and you've got TF Azure Lime.

    The scent itself (not taking into account siliage \ longevity \ projection) is *very* well done, from the top to bottom, and is one of my favorite summer and spring scents.

    The spicy lime really makes it stand out from the crowd of summer frags, and it's probably the best lime scent I've ever had the pleasure of using.

    So what's the problem then? The problem is that this stuff costs 200$ for 50ML and you get about 2 hours from 4 sprays of it. Seriously, 2 hours. WTF Tom Ford?

    This is supposed to be a "Private Blend" EDP made from high quality yada yada blah blah...yet I get more longevity out of Versace Eau Fraiche than I do with this. Crazy.

    I'm honestly suprirsed that they would even release a fragrance like this that seriously *does NOT* last at all and has literally no projection whatsoever. Maybe they thought the scent itself would make up for all that? Yes, if this were a TF boutique frag and cost 70$ for a 50ML.

    Not for a Private Blend!

    05th February, 2012

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