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    Fumidus by Profumum

    Fumidus by Profumum - One is initally treated to a dram of aromatic scotch whisky, with its tempered harshness harnessed by the indolic sweetness of peat. A nascent, barnyardy aroma of cigar tabacco peeks through as well as a hint of abrading iodine. Medicinal birch bark elbows itself into the mix with its medicinal, wintergreen character and its hint of effervescent birch beer. The sweet, minty intrusion nicely counterbalances the sharpness of the scotch accord. Magical vetiver joins the fray with its rich earthiness and deep muskiness. A strong smokiness envelops the comforting blend. The robust vetiver likewise imparts its syrup, hay and tabacco offerings. A faint armpit body odor and dank woodiness also present. A titillating drydown ensues. This manly composition has excellent projection and longevity - easy on the trigger is the catchphrase here.

    08th February, 2012

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