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    Coeur-Joie by Nina Ricci

    Notes: bergamot, hyacinth, gardenia, violet, orange blossom, Oriental rose, jasmine, violet, and iris from Florence

    If you have spent enough time in a major city like Paris or New York, you will know Coeur Joie. She is that arrestingly beautiful, tall, thin, immaculately dressed, mystery woman who you see on the street. The one you know MUST be a celebrity, yet from where you cannot place. She is alone, in the middle of an afternoon, not at work, strolling aimlessly through a fashionable neighborhood, wistfully window shopping. She has the right sunglasses, not too much. Her ivory colored coat puts just the right light in her face. She smiles easily. But, Coeur Joie doesn't give up her secrets easily. Maybe her love life is a bit *complicated*, or her family a bit *difficult* She has many more acquaintances than she she does friends. She may let you know a little something about her relationship with gardenia or iris, but you still don't feel you know her. Then you remember, of course, it's Coeur Joie, isn't she one of the sisters of L'Air du Temps? She must be, the perfect posture, the aquiline nose, AND the pedigree. I've read about her in the society pages. Always with those pretty sisters. Well, there she is. In person. What a nice surprise.

    10th February, 2012

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