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    Kinski by Escentric Molecules

    From time to time, I read on here a description of some long lost classic Guerlain that evolved for days, full of surprises at the second hour, the fifth hour, etc. I was certain I would never get to experience this quality in a fragrance because they just don't seem to build them like that any more.

    Enter Kinski. I had sampled it from a vial previously, worn it for an hour or two, and enjoyed it very much. I found the citrus peel, smoke, hard wood, and marijuana notes to be very well balanced: skanky, elegant, and wry all at the same time. What I did not expect when giving it a full and proper wearing today is that, at hour three, it sheds the skank as a very handsome vetiver-wood composition emerges (not unlike Itasca). At hour six, it has transformed AGAIN. Its twilight is a damp, salty vetiver...I want to use the word "chasm" because its depth suggests absence as much as substance. At this stage, I don't think a comparison to Sel de Vetiver is off the mark. Kinski actually tapers as an aquatic, which in this case is not dismissive; it's a cold, inscrutable thing riddled with brooding and loss.

    The whole experience has been extraordinary. It gives the impression of a fire being slowly extinguished. Or the sun falling into the ocean. I am in awe.

    Update: Hour 7, and the dampness is trading places with a dry smoke. Inky midnight. It is dying on my arms as Encre Noire.

    23rd December, 2011 (Last Edited: 11th February, 2012)

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