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    A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler

    It took me a while to see what was so special about this fragrance, and after several wearings, I have. At first, it smelled like a typical fruity fragrance with some vanilla and an amber base. It reminded me of gummy bears, and it still does a little.

    When it first goes on, it's fruity, cherry and strawberry like, with a sweet cinnamon accord, slightly reminiscent of Joop!. As it dries, the fruity notes settle down, and compete for the front stage with the amber and vanilla. The amber and vanilla in this are nicely done, smooth, and creamy. Behind it all is this great sweet tobacco/cigar smell, I picture a Black & Mild. This though, stays in the background the whole time, but the tobacco is definitley there, which is something I couldn't get at first. The honeyed tobacco really smells more like honey, patchouli, amber and vanilla, blended together well. Again though, tobacco is there, just not up front.

    Sometimes I wish I could pull off those top notes and dig my nose into this amazing tobacco smell underneath. Unfortunately, the tobacco never becomes prominent in this fragrance.

    Projection is good, as is longevity. It's no A*Men in terms of projection, but it does do a great job.

    12th February, 2012

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