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    Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

    Easily the sweetest thing I own. I managed to avoid the sweet-tooth craving for years. But I finally got sucked into the twice-as-much-for-a-bit-more concept and am now stuck with a gargantuan bottle, so I really hope that I continue to like this for the rest of my life… or several lives.

    Regardless of whether or not this swooning will last forever, I disagree with all of the negative reviews screaming that the vanilla overpowers the tobacco. This is honeyed tobacco, maybe some bitter almond, and certainly dried fruit with a touch of spice - many of which do carry a vanilla character. Throwing in a healthy dose of more vanilla does sweeten it up considerably, but never silences the tobacco. Far from smelling like cheap Vanilla Extract, the ambient humidor vibe, without any hint of the smoked stuff or its ashy remains, is beautiful. Linear, perhaps even cloying, but beautiful.

    When it becomes old-hat, don't discount its talent as a mid-winter base (layered, I mean) for other fragrances benefiting from a full-bodied gourmand injection. For more tobacco in the same honeyed-leaf vein but able to counteract some for the sweetness, I like adding a bit of Abdes Salaam's Tabac to the mix.

    13th February, 2012

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