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    Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

    Polo Blue is a light, aquatic, fresh scent that goes on beautifully, with a nice combination of melon, mandarin, tangerine and cucumber that invokes tranquility and lightness in its well measured and blended makeup.
    The essence of this fragrance is Carlos Benaim's adaptation of Southeastern Asian traditions in using the cucumber in water to lend a light, cool and refreshing feel without overwhelming the essence of the light, aquatic concept. He certainly executes the opening with class and precision. Polo Blue is invigoratingly fresh and though somewhat tried in its formulaic pretensions, serves the wearer looking for something subtle very well indeed. The opening is one of the best in the business, a true magical moment.
    It is only after 10-15 minutes, when the basil begins to push forward and overwhelm the angelic, light-weight opening that things seem a bit off kilter. The basil leans a bit harshly towards the synthetic against the melon and brings out the more sour qualities of the cucumber and leaves the geranium silent and somewhat wasted, bringing some discord.
    Things start equilibrating themselves once the base notes come forth. The base is for many a bit too musky when blended with the suede and woodsy notes, but is quite pleasing regardless, sticking to its watery and light identity.
    Polo Blue is a nice everyday option for those in moderately warm to mild climates and could serve well as a signature scent for the office or in places that require a certain level of subtlety. Its flaws are its lack of projection and longevity, which do tend to rely a great deal on the wearer and the circumstances. One can expect as little as two and as much as six hours but projection beyond the first 15 minutes quickly fades into a skin scent, suitable enough for professional and casual occasions but with no real assertiveness.
    Still, Polo Blue has one of the great aquatic openings in the business and for that certainly deserves our respect and gratitude. But for those looking for a bit more staying power and value, Lacoste Pour Homme does much of the same things Polo Blue intends to, but with far more success and for better value. A nice aquatic nevertheless, but nothing essential beyond the classy packaging, the Ralph Lauren name and the beautiful opening.

    19th January, 2011 (Last Edited: 13th February, 2012)

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