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    Ombre Rose L'Original by Jean-Charles Brosseau

    Notes: rosewood, geranium, rose, cedarwood, vanilla, ylang ylang, lily of the valley, orris, sandalwood, coumarin, musk and honey

    L'Ombre Rose (The Pink Shadow) in vintage parfum is my Valentine's Day fragrance. The name as well as the fragrance remind me of the dreamy Edith Piaf torch song "La Vie En Rose", swirling down a glamorous 1920's hotel hallway covered in gold and pink wallpaper and landing in a big powdery dressing room. If I could source enough of it, L'Ombre Rose (vintage) could easily be a signature for me, as it's a floral aldehyde with a delicately gourmand sensibility. A simple bouquet of soft flowers
    on top of a huge powder puff and somewhere in that scene, a fat little honey bee is buzzing around.
    Old-fashioned but not Old Lady, with a softness that seems to reference Guerlain. Hard as it may be to believe, there was at least one whispery soft treasure from the 1980's, L'Ombre Rose. A must for any
    powdery fragrance fan.

    15th February, 2012

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