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    A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler

    Top notes open with fresh tobacco leaves and itís pretty darn close to fresh tobacco leaves if you ask me. Fresh tobacco leaves donít smell great if itís the first time you smell them, IMO. Itís like an Ďacquiredí smell, I think. Anyway, itís pretty good opening with that slight unnerving freshness of tobacco leaves.

    The Middle Notes take over and are also quite nice Ė a honey and vanilla mixture. Nothing fancy, but it smells good.

    In the base notes, I can smell a faint bitter cacao, but canít notice much more.

    Pure Havane is another fine scent in the A*Men line. Itís probably my least favorite of this particular series, but thatís not to say that itís bad. I like it Ė I just happen to like Pure Malt and Pure Coffee better. Pure Havane doesnít have quite the Ďkickí that I like to get from the A*Men line. But it is a good scent, donít get me wrong. Iíve yet to meet a Mugler scent that I donít like.

    Since itís discontinued itís pretty expensive now, so whether or not PH is worth the cost now depends on the person. It might be worth purchasing at retail price, but itís too expensive now for me.

    15th February, 2012

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