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    Coromandel by Chanel

    Coromandel by Chanel - One is initially treated to wafts of peppery spiciness commingling with a somewhat camphoraceous, yet dirty, patchouli. This intriguing and inviting melange floats on an ephemeral cloud of salty fruitiness and spices of cloves and ginger. Aromatic woods, with hints of lemon verbena and minty laurel, serve as a backdrop to this stirring opening. Transitioning to the middle, the woods fade and wisps of florals, with violet-like iris, clover-like rose and sweetly seductive jasmine, interface with the musty earthiness of patchouli, which has taken on a clay-like facet. A nascent, vanillic amber sprinkles the melange, giving the florals a creamy texture, and coaxes a cocoa aspect of patchouli to rise up. Segueing to the robust base, balsamic woods, hay-like beeswax, herbaceous cinnamon, all intermingle and interplay with the vanillic and almond sweetness of benzoin. The heavy, resinous, sweetish amber has come into full bloom. A restrained smoky frankincense reels about. And, a chocolate-like tone presents from the interweaving of coumarin and patchouli. A delightsome drydown ensues. This high-quality composition is definitely unisex, if not leaning masculine, and has average projection and longevity. Its elegance will shine in the fall and winter.

    17th February, 2012

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