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    Sombre Negra by Yosh

    Sombre Negra is a powerhouse of new generation. It starts almost similar to Black Tourmaline (smoke, incense and turpentine) and ends like a resinous kind of vintage Trussardi Uomo. The dusty chaos of peppery and rooty harshness reminds me a bit the more fruity Shiseido Basala (despite the lack of incense from the Shiseido one). It's aromatic, spicy, woody and incensey. The incense is neither sepulchral nor ecumenical but classic, leathery and conservative. The general balance is severe. The note of earthy patchouli enhances the level of autority and darkness although i don't find this scent particularly dark. It's grey as the solitude of a widower in the Berlin's suburbia, it's serious, moody but not properly dark. The dry down is utterly sharp, peppery, incensey, resinous and rooty with the harsh smoky bitterness of tobacco and a woody kind of aromatic coolness of the forest made of cypress, vetiver, davana oil, mushrooms and moss. A touch of myrrh softens and balances the general harshness increasing the final level of mildness. A very distinctive, silent and restrained fragrance for irony and solitary mature men.

    17th February, 2012

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