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    Melograno by Santa Maria Novella

    I thought it would be a stroke of genius when in the aftermath of 'Casino Royale' I had friends of mine sneek a bottle of Melograno back from Florence. I was very exited to gift my then girlfriend with Vesper Lynd's scent of choice as she's a sophisticated and sexy woman in her thirties. Bingo I thought.

    However, nothing the likes can be said about Melograno. I don't understand it. It's powdery and offensive to my perhaps unsophisticated nose. It dries down to a somewhat pleasant smell after 8-12 hours, but nothing I'd go through the initial experience for. I was dying to love this scent. So was my sweet-heart. Alas, we can't. Now we remember the scent for my romantic gesture for her birthday and not the grim disappointment of what's in the bottle. I'm so sad this couldn't be a high-spirited review. Sorry.

    This scent might be right for you. Probably not if you're younger that 50. .. And it's about as unisex as Liberace and Dame Edna's lovechild. Caveat Emptor.

    17th February, 2012

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