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    1725 Casanova by Histoires de Parfums

    It opens with a lemony grapefruit fresh spicyness with a touch of licorice. After that I can detect lavender with anise coming through with a light woodyness in the
    background. This scent is so very light and soft that it was hard to detect at first then it bloomed on my skin.

    After a while I am picking up vanille underneath the spicy freshness. This fragrance reminds me of Invasion Barbare but with the violet removed and the notes toned
    down and refined.

    I like this as it is really well crafted and the ingredients are top notch. And as time has moved on from my above intial impressions the soft fresh vanille aspect
    becomes more prounouced in the basenotes and surrounds you in a halo of lovelyness.

    So to sum up I do love its spicy woody freshness in the opening and soft vanille sweetness in the basenotes. And I get six to seven hours in longevity.

    18th February, 2012

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