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    Les Echappées - Shams Oud by Memo

    Shams is quite an interesting take on the modern-oriental theme. It opens with a very "contemporary" pepper/ginger accord immediately joined by dry-earthy woody/mossy notes (vetiver/nagarmotha), spices and oud. The overall effect is remarkably stark, energizing and balmy at the same time and brings to mind of a successful mash-up bewteen a trendy masculine (such as Bang/Terre) and a more classic oriental a-là Pure Oud by Kilian. Tonka beans and amber start lurking in the back providing some sweetness to balance the harsh opening. In this phase Shams reaches its peak of charme. It's bold but not overpowering, solid and modern, distinctive yet easy to wear. While it's not a sillage monster, it still projects quite nicely.

    After a couple of hours or so, oud begins to fade and merges with a moderately sweet labdanum/ambery that takes over till the end (which occurs at 10+ hrs). Overall I'd rank Shams among the most easily approachable oud-based compositions around. Its modern structure makes of it a valid option for anyone looking for a different take on the oriental theme. Very nice.

    19th February, 2012

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