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    Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

    I got my 4ml sample of Tobacco Vanille today, and out of the bottle I did not think I would like it AT ALL. Smells like the sweetest sweet imaginable, and I'm not a fan of sweet scents. I always prefer dark, woody, musky scents, which is also why I wanted to try this one so badly as a change of pace. And change of pace it is!

    I actually enjoy it. I can't quite put my finger on what I enjoy about it.

    Very spicy sweet like a pumpkin pie with too much nutmeg. I get almost no tobacco in here, which is somewhat unfortunate because I was hoping for more tobacco.

    I'm unsure when I can wear this, but I'm sure I'll find a good time to try it out. I don't work in an office, but I could see it working well in that situation if you're an established employee. Definitely not for newbies.

    There's been talk of layering TF scents, which I think this could work well as. Not sure what I will try layering it with, but I may report back here with an update in the future if I find something that works well for me.

    I seriously just get vanilla and nutmeg. Perhaps what I'm picking up as nutmeg is actually amber, but it just reminds me too much of pumpkin pie with too much vanilla and too many spices. This could work around holidays or a nighttime date in cool weather. I am pretty sure if you wear this midday on a hot afternoon you will destroy the sniffers of everyone around you.

    All I did was dab one tiny drop onto my fingtertip and rub it onto my wrist and it was MORE than enough.

    I admittedly have just started trying niche products, but I find this very unique and unlike anything I have ever worn.

    Do not blind buy! Get a quality sample like I did and then make up your mind. I actually got 2 x 4ml samples, and will likely resell one of the bottles. Even a small amount like 4 ml will last me a long time, especially since I plan to continue testing more and more scents over the coming months.

    edit**update**: I repeat-- I cannot believe I love this stuff. I have always hated vanilla perfumes on women, yet here I am loving a vanilla based scent on myself. When I wear this scent it makes me happy, hungry, excited. I swear that I believe Tom Ford got lucky on this juice. I will happily enjoy my 8 ml, which should last me easily 2 years. I mentioned above that I think it is good for layering. I haven't actually layered it, but I wore it with both Burberry original and also Creed Erolfa-- both worked with VERY different scents.

    I hate posting longggg diatribes in my reviews but allow me to explain. When I wore this with Burberry, I dabbed it on my wrists, the inside of my elbow, and bottom of my neck, then spritzed a couple sprays of Burberry around my chest and shoulders. Burbery, if you know, is spicy sweet, but woody, very different from Tobacco Vanille, yet they work together. I loved this combo.

    Next day I dabbed Creed Erolfa in front and behind both ears, along my neckline, and then dabbed Tobacco Vanille on my wrists and inner elbow.

    If you own these scents, I'd love to hear some feedback on the way I wore these scents. I could probably pull off Tobacco Vanille on its own, but I just feel it works better in combination with something else.

    Thanks for reading.

    18th February, 2012 (Last Edited: 20th February, 2012)

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