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    Aube Pashmina by Huitième Art

    First time wearing it -- It has lovely sparkling herbal notes. The image of a glass of champagne with a sprig of rosemary and a basil leaf comes to mind! This is a very refined and chic herbal scent -- it is not as bold and tomato-leafy as Eau de Campagne by Sisley. Basil is the main note, with a cool hint of rosemary. This is a unisex scent, dry and translucent. It would be a superb summer scent, or one to convey the feeling of a summer herb garden in the cool early morning. It wears very well and I find it completely satisfying. The dry-down is herbal with a light touch of wood.
    Second time wearing – different reaction. Still has the lovely tomato leaf opening, combined with light herbs. That lovely opening didn’t last long. The scent quickly gets very soft, floral, and pretty. Maybe a little too “pretty” to suit me in the long term.
    Third time -- Still get the lovely citrus notes with just a hint of tomato leaf. In the early stages, it has the crunchy green notes of an Eau de Lierre. Yet it loses these and becomes soft, round, and somewhat heavy. Prettier and much less green in the long run than Sisely's Eau de Campagne. It is powerful in the dry-down, and I find it a bit tiresome. Still thumbs up, but I'm no longer in the market for it.

    26th February, 2012

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