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    Hugh Parsons (Blue) by Hugh Parsons

    This is one of my favorite aquatics, instantly fresh and oceanic right from the beginning, with no ethanol fumes. It has a bit of the Millesime Imperial melon note (i.e. believable honeydew, not synthetic watermelon like in some lesser aquatics). It makes me think of my old days back in Santa Barbara; it's not a stormy gray north seas aquatic like Bulgari Aqua, nor a sunny tropical lagoon like Tommy Bahama Very Cool, nor exotic like MI, just a sort of averagey coastal vibe. The fruit gets a bit dried up and sweeter during the mid notes, bringing it closer to Erolfa, minus the sharp herbs. Later on, the evolution is toward a more green character, which is unusual; it heads toward the wet, bitter grassy style of Hermes Gentiane Blanche or Sisley Eau de Campagne, though there's just a little bit of licorice here which I could do without. This green anisy base is one of the most natural ones I've encountered in an aquatic, without any of the sensation I usually get: "oh, yeah, we threw this base together really quick so it would still have a smell after all the calone evaporated." You can save some money and get this stuff insead of Erolfa.

    26th February, 2012

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