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    Polo Modern Reserve by Ralph Lauren

    I don't have my Polo Crest anymore or I'd so a side-by-side. It had been such a long time since I'd sampled PMR, that I was expecting more greenery and less leather, so I'm questioning my previous treatment of it as a summer scent; now I'd say it's a good intermediate for all seasons. It starts out as a very light, well-behaved spearmint with an Antaeus-like leather underneath, and surprisingly a bit of fruit, which to me is a lot like the banana in Acier Aluminium. This stuff, even moreso than Crest, turns the old drill sargeant's piney leather belcher of Polo into a usable fragrance; Crest did it largely with summery wintergreen, which I can only take so much of, but PMR does it with an interesing mix of summery and wintery notes. The sweet florals in the mid-notes remind me of Van Cleef and Arpels or Hammam Bouquet, which I don't like, but the leather reminds me of Parfum d'Habit, which I find very true-to-life. Plus there's some wood and pine needles, but it's from a lush, magnificent old growth forest, not the sort of "hey guys, we have a few pine trees too in New Mexico," like the bone-dry, scrubby forests of Yatagan. I also think it nails this genre better than Eucris because it includes more sweet spices and less astringent herbs.

    26th February, 2012

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