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    28 La Pausa by Chanel

    28 La Pausa, to me, is a bit of an anomaly in the world of iris perfumes. First of all, it pairs the iris with the bright topnotes of a citrus splash cologne, a wonderful mix of orange and lavender and pepper that give a happy burst of energy. It's that trick where the lavender doesn't smell like lavender as much as it gives a clever earthy dirty quality to both the citrus topnotes and eventually the iris. 28 also doesn't use an overdose of vanilla and musk (like most iris perfumes do) to give the iris that creamy luxurious quality that iris perfumes usually go for. Instead, the iris gives a carrot quality to the dirty citrus topnotes, as well as a subtle cheesy undertone, like the earthy smell of a funky brie, so it ends up smelling like a glass of orange/carrot juice next to a cheese plate dusted with black pepper - hardly your typical iris perfume...

    Also, 28 La Pausa has almost no significant base and fades to a light iris smudge reminiscent of old-school cold cream after a couple of hours. When sampling, this can seem like quite a flaw, but it makes perfect sense when you have one of those big 200 ml Exclusif bottles - it's actually quite brilliant: An iris perfume that you can reapply over the course of the day like a splash cologne! (Oh, and as a side note, it smells wonderful sprayed on sheets.)

    One of the other things I enjoy about 28 is a bit esoteric, but it's simply not a perfume that a regular person off the street would pick up and enjoy. It's dirty and earthy and masculine in the topnotes and the funky cheesy iris really demands that you've put in some time learning to love iris before you'll truly appreciate 28 La Pausa. It's a perfume for conoisseurs, which I really appreciate.

    28th February, 2012

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