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    Belle de Nuit by Fragonard

    While I do find this fragrance pretty, it's a little too soapy for my liking. It smells like an expensive bar of old-fashioned, floral soap.

    The floral notes aren't as pronounced and as creamy as I would like them to be. The geranium tends to be quite prominent, adding a strange tartness to the scent.

    Initially Belle de Nuit smelt grassy on my skin, and a little sharp. I found some similarities between this fragrance and Pure by DKNY. However once the scent had developed into the heart, the florals became much more balanced, with a slightly rich and juicy plum note.

    In a warmer environment the gardenia, rose and violet really tend to shine, however in this cold weather in which I'm testing it now, Belle de Nuit smells literally like soap and musk. Due to this observation, Belle de Nuit is better suited to the delightful Spring weather.

    Belle de Nuit lacks sweetness and powdery-ness which is something you often expect with florals. It does however have a very 'perfume-y' feel to it.

    I'm young, and unfortunately I don't think that this perfume suits my age category. Belle de Nuit is more for a mature woman with a very clear approach to life. This fragrance is classic, a little old-fashioned and clean. Nothing in this composition hints at anything particularly sexy or daring.

    The lasting power is impressive and the sillage is delicate and intimate. This fragrance, although it is not really to my taste, is something that I can imagine a caring mother wearing. Belle de Nuit is a scent that I'd like to remember a role-model in my life smelling of.

    01st March, 2012

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