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    Donna Karan Gold by Donna Karan

    This one missed the mark for me. I was looking for a lily soliflore that transmitted the almost supersonic narcotic quality of the topnotes of lilly, supported by the clovey spiciness. I bought the EDP version of this perfume.

    First, the diffusiveness is very, very lacking. I sprayed it on a test strip in my warm car at the post office, excited to receive it. Only when I put my nose to the strip was the fragrance even discernible, even at this EDP concentration.

    What I got initially was a sort of lily "accord" constructed as an almost impressionistic interpretation of the flower. Isoamyl acetate banana, a cool water fresh accord similar to the cucumber some described, jasmine somewhere in there, clove, cinnamon, and a lily that is quickly muted by an almost gourmand carmel-amber gooiness that muffles the whole thing into a syrupy hand lotion smell. I am sorry to break from the pack of those who adore this scent, but for me it missed the mark, but the topnotes on this fragrance need some serious work, as does its diffusiveness.

    03rd March, 2012

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