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    Legno di Nave / Seawood by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

    This "gift" was a promo bottle during a website offer that helped introduce me to two wonderful scents that I might have otherwise not chosen by notes alone (Legno di Nave and Balssamo della Mecca). Both are now house favorites from VdP.

    This is a voyager's fragrance, and alongside another Italian blend - Regio (from Xerjoff's Casamorati line) - effectively evokes salty, almost soured air carrying the polar-opposite sweet essences of spice blends and sun-toasted woods. Where regio plays with citrus, this is greener and more resinous. It smells so incredibly natural (Duh... it's a natural perfume, but what I mean by this is that many of the notes in eastern-leaning perfumery are so new to me that I have trouble placing them. In the case of Sea Wood / Lengo di Nave, I am instantly transported to an old wood-hulled sailboat leaving the brackish waters of my upbringing and heading out into the open sea.

    There is no sparkle here (the result of synthetics, I assume, in other blends). But unlike other more meditative scents from Abdes Salaam, this is one that deserves to have more sillage and projection. I tried adding a drop o molook attar (for the ambergris) to a 2mls SeaWood to keep the nautical theme and boost the staying power, but the single drop overpowered the beauty of the blend and the introduced "sparkle" along with the oud ruined the mix. So now I long to experience this as hirch_duckfinder does - as oil. Love this but would appreciate more of the great things happening in this living blend.

    04th March, 2012

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